Velour Flock

Velour Flock

Select from over 83 colors of quality velour fibers to repair burn marks, tears, and thinning in velour fabrics.  Sold in 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz containers.


  • Match color of velour fibers.
  • Apply velour base adhesive to a level just below surface.
  • Spray velour spray adhesive (1-5% crosslinker can be added for more durability). Use preval, crown spray tool, mouth atomizer, or Wagner airless spray gun to spray. Spray a medium coat.
  • Place velour fibers (up to 80%) in electrostatic applicator or velour atomizer to flock over repair. 
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SEM Color Coat ( Aerosols)

COLOR COAT AEROSOL is formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour. COLOR COAT is fade resistant, flexible and is a permanent coating. Currently available in over 50 colors including 3 blacks, 3 clears and a selection of OEM automotive, bus and marine colors.  

Application :

  • Shake well.
  • Hold can 6-8" from the surface.
  • Apply light mist coats, allowing sufficient drying time between coats to attain even coverage and avoid "runs."
  • Tip: be aware that weather conditions do affect the appearance and bonding of color coat.

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SEM Classic Coat (Aerosols)

CLASSIC COAT uses advanced technology to provide superior adhesion and flexibility when changing or restoring the color of most leather and vinyl. CLASSIC COAT is a fade resistant coating that won't chip or peel and is available in many of today's popular OEM colors.


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SEM Bumper Coat Aerosol

currently available in 27 OEM colors to match most contrasting domestic and foreign bumpers.

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Apollo CA Adhesive Gel

CA- 2999 Gel -Cyberbond's - Apollo Cyanoacrylate is made from the purest ingredients and tested against the toughest standards, so you are assured of pure holding power.

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Zap Liquid (1 oz)


This excellent all-purpose instant-bonding glue has a thicker consistency to readily fill gaps as it bonds permanently. The unique non-clogging tip design allows hundreds of uses from each individual bottle, and makes it easy to achieve pinpoint control over each drop applied. Zap-a-Gap CA+ allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning, and a 20 second cure time. Bonds anything to anything -- even oily surfaces!

ZAP CA Super Thin Formula

Clear cyanoacrylate adhesive which bonds in seconds. Zap CA is superthin with a penetrating action. It sets very rapidly -- simply apply, hold the glued item in place for a few seconds, and it will be permanently bonded. Just be careful not to get it on your fingers, as it will also bond your skin instantly.

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